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Will “Get Back” be the comeback for Britney Spears?

Monday, July 23, 2007
Ore : 8:38 AM

Will “Get Back” be the comeback tune for Britney Spears?

Even though she apparently wants to moonlight as a waitress at Les Deux, Britney Spears is at least pretending to continue in the music biz.

Us Weekly confirms that the “singer,” 25, is shooting a new music video in an L.A. warehouse today. The new video would be her first in over two years.

Britney Spears was snapped in this Western stripper ’60s widow getup, an unfortunate look for the video of her first song in years, “Get Back.”

Brit’s way-up-to-there skirt reveals a pair of black silk panties, which inspired gratitude in the horde of celebrity news hounds assigned to snap pics of the pop mom / mess.

Britney SpearsBritney Whores Self Out

She certainly hopes so… and has plenty to come back from. In truth, it would be hard to sink much lower. The proverbial bar is just about resting on the ground.

After all she’s been through - cranking out both Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline in under 12 months, getting divorced from K-Fed, going to rehab (thrice), shaving her head, raging against the machine of celebrity gossip with an umbrella, engaging in liaisons with various losers (some of whom she let go at it wheelbarrow style), serving her own mom with legal papers and unleashing a continuous barrage of shocking nipple slip, crotch shot and borderline nude photos - can Britney Spears right the ship?

Probably not.


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