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Amusing Musings

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Ore : 12:29 PM

Did Justin Timberlake know his SNL spoof was destined for, uh, greatness? J.T.'s cohorts dish on doing "Dick in a Box" with the studster...plus, Isla Fisher talks funnymen, and we tackle your laffin' letters!
Isla Fisher, Adam Samberg

Measure of Excess

At the Hot Rod premiere, stars Isla Fisher and Andy Samberg were talkin' stunts. But really, we were more interested in Andy's recent Emmy nod for his Saturday Night Live short “Dick in a Box,” with Justin Timberlake. Turns out the director of Hot Rod, Akiva Schaffer, was also the director of that particular skit. We asked Akiva if he knew the privates-spoofing spoof would be such a success when they were filming it.

"Actually, we didn't. We were all like, 'Is this gonna work?' " he dished. "Justin was the only one who was sure of it. He was confident. He kept sayin', 'Man, this is gonna be a hit!' But he can afford to be cocky." (No pun intended, I'm sure.)

Jorma Taccone

Hot Rod costar Jorma Taccone (who also helped write “Dick”) echoed similar sentiments. "Justin was pretty confident when we were shooting it," he said. Hmmm...as in cocky, to quote Schaffer? After all, J.T. has sounded pretty full of himself in recent interviews.

Justin Timberlake

"No, no, not cocky," Jorma quickly answered. "Just confident. And I think he's justified in that, like the title of his first solo album. He got out there and did his album and is supersuccessful, and he deserves it."

Now, if they redid “Dick” today, we're willing to bet Justin would need a much bigger box.


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