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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Ore : 12:29 PM

Did Justin Timberlake know his SNL spoof was destined for, uh, greatness? J.T.'s cohorts dish on doing "Dick in a Box" with the studster...plus, Isla Fisher talks funnymen, and we tackle your laffin' letters!
Isla Fisher, Adam Samberg

Measure of Excess

At the Hot Rod premiere, stars Isla Fisher and Andy Samberg were talkin' stunts. But really, we were more interested in Andy's recent Emmy nod for his Saturday Night Live short “Dick in a Box,” with Justin Timberlake. Turns out the director of Hot Rod, Akiva Schaffer, was also the director of that particular skit. We asked Akiva if he knew the privates-spoofing spoof would be such a success when they were filming it.

"Actually, we didn't. We were all like, 'Is this gonna work?' " he dished. "Justin was the only one who was sure of it. He was confident. He kept sayin', 'Man, this is gonna be a hit!' But he can afford to be cocky." (No pun intended, I'm sure.)

Jorma Taccone

Hot Rod costar Jorma Taccone (who also helped write “Dick”) echoed similar sentiments. "Justin was pretty confident when we were shooting it," he said. Hmmm...as in cocky, to quote Schaffer? After all, J.T. has sounded pretty full of himself in recent interviews.

Justin Timberlake

"No, no, not cocky," Jorma quickly answered. "Just confident. And I think he's justified in that, like the title of his first solo album. He got out there and did his album and is supersuccessful, and he deserves it."

Now, if they redid “Dick” today, we're willing to bet Justin would need a much bigger box.


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Puteri Sarah Liyana Heroin Aduh Saliha

Friday, July 27, 2007
Ore : 8:47 AM

Akhirnya penantian peminat-peminat Mawi dan M. Nasir sampai ke penghujungnya. Saliha telah ditemui. Kalau nak ikutkan memang lama jugak M. nasir nak carik heroin bakal filem terbarunya selepas filem Merah. Setelah mengadakan ujibakat sekian lama dan beberapa artis dan selebriti hiburan tanah air pergi audition seperti Fasha Sanda, Leez dan Yat, akhirnya M. Nasir telah memilih Puteri Sarah Liyana bte Megat Kamaruddin sebagai pemegang watak Saliha. Perkara ini disahkan sendiri oleh Penerbit Eksekutif Jamal Maarif dari The CameraCrew Productions Sdn Bhd.

Sebelum ini Sarah yang pernah berlakon iklan Silky Girl dan filem Tipah Tertipu dikatakan telah menandatangani kontrak dua minggu lepas. Sarah nie berasal dari Johor dan pernah bersekolah di sekolah Teknik Johor selain mempunyai Diploma Perhotelan. Kalau nak diikutkan rata-rata peminat Mawi nampaknya suka dengan pemilihan ini. Ini berdasarkan pemerhatian aku di Forum Cari. Tak banyak komen-komen sumbang yang kelihatan.

Jadi sekarang nie sudah terlerailah siapa pemegang watak Saliha. Cuma aku belom pernah tengok dia berlakon lagik. Sebab cerita Tipah Tertipu lagi pun aku tak pernah tengok la. harap-harapnya bagus la, janganlah kayu sangat. Jadual penggambaran akan bermula pada bulan September dan lokasi yang telah dipilih antaranya Keningau Sabah.


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Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie hit the headlines again.

Thursday, July 26, 2007
Ore : 11:14 AM

The recent news about Brangelina is that the new mother Angelina Jolie
has turned over possessive of Brad Pitt. Their daughter Shiloh Nouvel
Jolie Pitt was born two months back and after that Angelina Jolie is
seemingly suffering from post natal depression.

Angelina is reported to be keeping a track of Brad Pitt’s whereabouts
and is monitoring his every move while he is filming ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’
in Los Angeles. Some friend of Angelina was quoted as saying, “Angie
is suffering a little from the baby blues but she’s been extra stressed
since Brad left, asking friends to report back on his every move and
sometimes calling him up to 10 times a day.”Ms Jolie is presently
staying in their Malibu mansion with Shiloh and their two adopted
children, Maddox and Zahara.

And what is Brad Pitt ’s reaction on this recent phenomenon?
Brad Pitt says that Angelina Jolie needs to relax and stop treating him
like a kid, but Angelina has been telling friends she’s unhappy because
they talked about not working for a year after Shiloh was born.


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Will “Get Back” be the comeback for Britney Spears?

Monday, July 23, 2007
Ore : 8:38 AM

Will “Get Back” be the comeback tune for Britney Spears?

Even though she apparently wants to moonlight as a waitress at Les Deux, Britney Spears is at least pretending to continue in the music biz.

Us Weekly confirms that the “singer,” 25, is shooting a new music video in an L.A. warehouse today. The new video would be her first in over two years.

Britney Spears was snapped in this Western stripper ’60s widow getup, an unfortunate look for the video of her first song in years, “Get Back.”

Brit’s way-up-to-there skirt reveals a pair of black silk panties, which inspired gratitude in the horde of celebrity news hounds assigned to snap pics of the pop mom / mess.

Britney SpearsBritney Whores Self Out

She certainly hopes so… and has plenty to come back from. In truth, it would be hard to sink much lower. The proverbial bar is just about resting on the ground.

After all she’s been through - cranking out both Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline in under 12 months, getting divorced from K-Fed, going to rehab (thrice), shaving her head, raging against the machine of celebrity gossip with an umbrella, engaging in liaisons with various losers (some of whom she let go at it wheelbarrow style), serving her own mom with legal papers and unleashing a continuous barrage of shocking nipple slip, crotch shot and borderline nude photos - can Britney Spears right the ship?

Probably not.


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PETA to NFL Commish: Sack Michael Vick!

Ore : 8:36 AM

Stripper mistresses (Joslyn Noel Morse) and baby mama drama (Tom Brady) make for good celebrity gossip. A federal indictment on dogfighting charges? That’s another story.

A pop star (Britney Spears) buying a $3,000 dog she will neglect in a few days is sad, but still funny celebrity news. A federal indictment on dogfighting charges? Not so much.

Yes, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has managed to turn the worlds of sports, Hollywood gossip and animal rights on their respective heads this week.

Michael Vick: Dogfighting Guru

Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with animal welfare officials inside NFL headquarters Friday as about 50 PETA demonstrators took post outside, urging him to suspend Vick following his indictment.

“Sack Vick! Sack Vick!” chanted the demonstrators, organized by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as they walked peacefully in front of the Park Avenue building.

Many held dogs who had “Sack Vick” signs on their backs and one woman brought a pit bull, the breed killed in the dogfighting ring that the Atlanta quarterback is accused of sponsoring.

Yikes. If anyone out there is happy, it’s Beyonce and her fur-wearing diva pals, as someone new far much more worthy of PETA’s wrath has now emerged.

The leaders of the demonstration focused on Goodell’s recent suspension of Tennessee’s Adam “Pacman” Jones for one year under the NFL’s “personal conduct” policy, though Jones has not been convicted of any crime.

“We think they should do the same with Michael Vick,” said Dan Shannon, an assistant director of campaigns for PETA. “We don’t think their ‘wait and see’ attitude goes far enough. If they suspended Pacman Jones, they can suspend Michael Vick.”

After Vick’s indictment, the NFL said it would monitor legal developments in the case. Michael Vick is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday.

On Friday, though, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said:

“We agree with them that dogfighting is cruel, degrading and illegal. The alleged activities are very disturbing and we are extremely disappointed Michael Vick has put himself in this position. We are having extensive dialogue with numerous groups and individuals… and are reviewing all of our options to deal with this as quickly as possible.”

An attorney for the Humane Society - which recently criticized Britney for buying a purebred pup on a whim - said she was disappointed in the NFL stance on Vick.

“There is a precedent in the Jones suspension,” Sherry Ramsey said, adding that her group wrote to the NFL in May, offering to help educate players about dogfighting.

She says she did not receive a reply.

However, two letters written June 21 by the NFL to the Humane Society said warnings on animal fighting and animal cruelty are now being included in the annual briefings - to take place at all 32 training camps this summer - by league security staff to players.

“We are in total agreement that there is no place for animal cruelty and illegal animal fighting and take very seriously the allegations of dog fighting against Michael Vick,” wrote Peter Abitante, Goodell’s personal assistant.

“We do not condone this activity and will not tolerate cruelty or mistreatment of animals. If Mr. Vick or anyone associated with the NFL is found to have violated state or federal law, the commissioner will impose significant discipline under our personal conduct policy.”

Well, here’s hoping that this case is resolved promptly and Michael Vick gets what he has coming to him. And maybe that a nude Pamela Anderson decides to make an appearance outside NFL offices to protest dogfighting on behalf of PETA.

Hey, why not?


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Pertuangan Ning Baizura dan Omar Sharif

Friday, July 20, 2007
Ore : 8:40 AM

Akhirnya Ning Baizura (32 tahun) selamat ditunangkan dengan lelaki pilihan haitnya Omar Sharif Christopher Layton Dalton (33 tahun) dikediamannya malam tadi. Pasangan itu menggayakan baju kebaya dan melayu sedondon berwarna kuning cair untuk majlis yang cukup bersejarah bagi mereka. Yang paling menarik perhatian adalah Omar Sharif kerana sebelum ini tidak pernah kelihatan gambar Omar didalam internet mahupun media. Banyak spekulasi mengenai siapakah beliau kedengaran di internet sebelum ini. Jadi segalanya telah terlerai sekarang, dan para peminat Ning khususnya dapat melihat sendiri wajah sebenar tunangan penyanyi itu. Menurut mereka, majlis perkahwinan mereka akan lakukan pada tahun hadapan jika semuanya mengikut rancangan. Ning mengharapkan doa peminat semua agar mendoakan kebahagian mereka kelak. Tahniah untuk Ning dan Omar dari kami di nakaltitude.

pix credit to: Minaq Jinggo


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Lindsay ex-girlfriend files $20 million lawsuit

Thursday, July 19, 2007
Ore : 10:11 AM

Lindsay Lohan’s former friend (lover?), Samantha Ronson, is upset over claims that she was making money by tipping off paparazzi about Lohan. She’s also miffed at reports that she’s responsible for the cocaine found in Lohan’s car.

Her response to these claims that she’s all about selling out her friend to make money? She’s suing Perez Hilton & the Sunset Photo & News Agency for $20 million. That’ll show them!


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Ning Baizura dan Omar Sharif Bertunang hari ini

Ore : 9:26 AM

Sehingga hari ini semua wartawan dan blog-blog hiburan tanhair gagal mendapatkan gambar Omar Sharif. Cuma Mr. Manager jerk agaknya yang ada itu pun dia cakap masih rahsia. Semua gambar kat atas itu diambil oleh Minaq Jinggo ketika konsert INXS Live in Kuala Lumpur di Stadium Negara pada 18 Ogos 2006. Namun tak dapat dipastikan juga adakah itu Omar Sharif. Okay untuk tidak menghampakan semua kat bawah ini gambar persiapan Majlis pertunangan Ning yang dicilok dari blog Mr Manager

Menurut blog Vernon barang barang hantaran adalah seperti berikut:-

Hantaran dari pihak lelaki ke pihak perempuan (Omar's customary gifts to Ning)

1. Sirih Junjung [Welcome Platter], carried by Jin Hun
2. Telekung dan Sejadah [Prayer Purdah & Prayer Rug], carried by Hadi
3. Cincin Tunang [Engagement Ring], carried by Kamri
4. Paatchi Chocolates, carried by Andrew Amir
5. Mangoes, carried by Jordan

Hantaran dari pihak perempuan ke pihak lelaki (Ning's customary gifts to Omar)

1. Sirih Junjung [Welcome Platter], carried by Ning's sister, Ner
2. Koran dan Sejadah [The Koran & Prayer Rug], carried by Yanie
3. Kain Sepersalinan dan Songket Atikah [Wedding Suit & Woven Wrap], carried by Sarimah Ibrahim
4. Kek Coffee Fondant Icing Semolina, carried by Maple Loo
5. Titleist Golf Balls, carried by Lynn
6. Gentleman’s Tie, Cigar Case dan Hiasan Miniature Golf dari Raoul, carried by Cheryl
7. Bunga Rampai [Floral Offering], carried by Nikki

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Hilton Cousin Settles Crash Lawsuit; Paris Sings

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Ore : 8:51 AM

The legal spotlight never seems to leave Paris Hilton, but this time there will be no jail time. Paris’
cousin, Brooke Brinson, settled a three year old lawsuit in which Brinson and Paris were taken to
court by crash victims Ivan Alvarez and Monica Delgado.

The case: Brinson reportedly caused a four lane car crash on an LA freeway while driving the
socialite’s car. Alvarez and Delgado were involved in the crash with their child, claiming damages
resulting from the accident.

Alvarez and Delgado were initially trying to claim damages in excess of $250,000 in pain and suffering,
however a judge sent their case to a lower claims court after ruling that they were not entitled to more
than $25,000.

This settlement agreement will cancel the trial that was supposed to start at the beginning of September.
However, Brinson is not out of the woods in regards to the legal system - as she has an underage DUI
dating from 2006 when she was pulled over with a 0.15 percent blood alcohol level, and is due back in
court on August 3rd.

Paris, in contrast, continues to enjoy her new pad on Malibu Beach, and even made her way back to the
recording studio today.

Enjoy the pictures from Paris’ party on Sunday (July 15), with the heiress enjoying the company of Perez
Hilton and her puppy.


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Siti Saerah Bertunang

Ore : 8:45 AM

Lagi sekali blog akunie jadi album gambar artis bertunang. Kalau sebelum nie gambar Beegoo sekarang gambar Saerah pulak. Minggu depan gamba ning pulak.. anyway Tahniah Saerah..


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Lohan Leaves Rehab

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Ore : 7:03 PM

Lindsay Lohan has ended her six-week stay in rehab, checking herself out of the Promises Clinic in Malibu, California.

The actress left the center on Friday for what was thought to be a short break–but her spokeswoman confirms she has completed her program there.

The statement from Leslie Sloane, posted on People.com, says, “On Friday, July 13, 2007, Lindsay Lohan successfully completed her 45 days of residential and extended care treatment at Promises. She has transitioned to an intensive outpatient program, which includes attendance at daily AA meetings, outpatient therapy and daily testing. On her own, she has also made the decision in support of her sobriety to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet. In part she is wearing the bracelet so there are no questions about her sobriety if she chooses to go dancing or dining in a place where alcohol is served.

“She’s doing great. Lindsay is working hard on her sobriety and we are all supporting her.”

Lohan checked into Promises in May after she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after crashing her car in Hollywood.

She was spotted on Saturday enjoying a night out at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas.

Source : www.melayucentral.com


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Beckham get warm Welcome from LA

Monday, July 16, 2007
Ore : 6:18 PM

David and Victoria Beckham spent their first day in the States being welcomed by 5,000 soccer enthusiasts during a press conference introducing Becks as the newest member of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.

Wearing a stylish gray suit, David smiled before telling his fans, “I’d like to say how honored I am that so many people have come here to see me presented today.”

With wife Victoria - who came decked out in a stylish fuchsia dress with a matching alligator bag - proudly looking on, David went on to say, “My family have now moved to Los Angeles, something we’re looking forward to, something we’re very proud of, and in our life everything’s perfect.”

And with everything in place, the soccer star is ready to keep pushing forward, adding, “So, on to my new challenge. This is one of the biggest challenges I have ever taken on in my career, to move to a different country, the other side of the world, something that I’m looking forward to.”

But the move may be the easy part. With the popularity of soccer in America laying squarely on his shoulders, most are wondering if the Beckham name can bring the sport the same notoriety in the States that it receives throughout the rest of the world.

Enjoy the pictures from today’s (July 13) press conference, along with some promo shots of David in his LA Galaxy gear.

Source: www.celebrity-gossip.net


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Britney Spears new Single Get Back Album

Friday, July 13, 2007
Ore : 1:36 PM

Britney Spears has named the first single to be released from her comeback album “Get Back.” This will be the first song the troubled pop princess will release in nearly two years.
Spears is preparing to release her new single which was reportedly supposed to be released on July 7. In preparation for the upcoming album dancers were asked to perform to a track from the new album to find two male backup dancers.
The single is said to have a “surprising new sound.” “It’s a very new sound for her,” a source said. “I think people will be surprised.”
Spears, 25, has been working with Sean Garrett, a music producer who has previously worked with singers like Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Mary J Blige. It is unclear whether he produced her newest single.

Source: http://www.transworldnews.com/


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Gambar pernikahan Eizlan Yusof dan V. Shanty

Ore : 12:11 PM

This is the latest picture I got from blog AZMAN JUMAT. My blog already seems live wedding photo album again. Anyway congrats again to both of them..


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Majlis pertunangan Ning Baizura dan Omar Sharif

Ore : 12:06 PM

Sekalung tahniah untuk Ning Baizura kerana akan melansungkan Majlis pertunangannya dengan Omar Sharif Christopher Layton Dalton pada 19 Julai ini. Menurut akhbar mereka telah berkenal lebih setahun lalu dan Omar tertarik dengan Ning dan mula menjadi lebih rapat selepas it. Ning dan Omar bertemu di sebuah majlis perkahwinan rakan tidak lama dahulu. Dengar khabarnya Ning Cuma nak bertunang dalam setahun jer pastu terus nak kawin. Bagus la cam tu, tak yah tunggu lelama takut kang jadi cam Mawi lak putus di tengah jalan. Diharap dengan pertuangan ini rezki Ning akan lebih murah. Dan untuk Vernon siaplah kau jadi kendaraat nanti.. Tahniah Ning dan Omar…


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Christiano Ronaldo kiss Bipasha Basu

Ore : 8:40 AM

Bipasha kiss Cristiano

I’m not going to judge Bipasha’s actions. She must be having a great time, the Taj just got named one of the ‘new’ seven wonders for the world. What better way to celebrate than kiss Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer. Maybe as one of her lip synced songs go, it was a case of ‘no control’ . Also we can’t ignore a Bengali natural attraction towards football.

Bipasha’s reaction to the pictures:

“Yes, it is me in the picture. It was taken at an opportune moment and has been taken out of context. Again, it looks like a case of irresponsible assumptions.”


According to Digital Spy, “Cristiano and Bipasha were all over each other. If he has got a girlfriend she was the last thing on his mind. They were kissing and he was being very tender, cupping her face and staring into her eyes”

I can’t understand one thing. Remember the whole Richard Gere kissing Shilpa Shetty incident (watch video here)? And how it was against Indian culture?

How about this? Can we see some drama now? Will our Sangh brothers react to this as well? Maybe the Madhya Pradesh Government will ban her too?

I do feel a bit upset for John Abraham. They were after all, in a committed relationship. I hope he gets over it. He’s half Malayalee, I’m sure he will - we always get over everything!

Source: www.melayucentral.com


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Charlie Sheen and girlfriend Brooke Mueller are engaged.

Thursday, July 12, 2007
Ore : 11:22 AM

After more than a year of dating, Charlie Sheen and girlfriend Brooke Mueller are engaged.

Sheen, 41, first stepped out with Mueller, 29, a real estate investor, at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in Los Angeles in June 2006.

The couple’s engagement was first reported by Extra and was confirmed by a Sheen family friend. According to Extra, Sheen proposed to Mueller on a Costa Rican beach with a $500,000 engagement ring.

Sheen became free to wed last November when his marital status to Denise Richards legally ended. The pair have two daughters, Lola, 2, and Sam, 3.

Richards, 36, has extended an olive branch to Mueller and the women were recently spotted together.

“Denise wants her to feel comfortable,” a Richards pal said last year. “She put together a bag with toys for her and the girls (Lola and Sam) along with a card telling her she’s glad (Brooke) makes their father so happy.”

Source: www.melayucentral.com


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Christina Aguilera Nude vs. Jessica Alba Nude

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Ore : 3:52 PM

As the celebrity gossip world awaits possible Amy Polumbo nude photos, let’s focus on a pair of bodies we know to be fully bare…

We have to apologize to Jordan Bratman first because we know he’d prefer if no one else laid any eyes on his wife in her birthday suit. But when a naked Christina Aguilera wraps herself in nothing but linens, how can we not alert readers to such a sight?

This new mother-to-be is one of the few beautiful and talented celebs out there.

But is she better looking than Jessica Alba nude? That’s a tough call. The actress probably won’t win any Academy Awards for her craft, but she has won the hearts of men everywhere with her sleek body and gorgeous smile. Cash Warren is one lucky fella.

Jessica Alba NudeChristina Aguilera Nude Pic

Once you determine which of these lovely ladies is the sexiest, you’re job isn’t done. Take a look at our other hot body comparison and let us know if you find Holly Madison or Carmella DeCesare more attractive. Thank you.


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Reza AF3 jadi Nyah diBandung??

Ore : 8:56 AM

Menurut sumber di cari forum yang si Reza nie kononnya berpakaian bergini sebab nak ikut tema goldmember ke apa aku pun tak ingat dah. Tapi yang pasti benda ni berlaku bukan kat dalam Malaysia, tapi kat Bandung Indonesia. Bukannya dia jadi nyah pun tapi memang huduh siot ..


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Perkahwinan Eizlan Yusof dan V Shantie Haroon

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Ore : 6:27 PM

Akhirnya hero handsome malaysia melangsungkan perkhawinan dengan gadis pelihan hati dari Sabah V Shantie Haroon.. Eizlan memberi hantaran sebanyak RM77,777.77 kepada Pihak perempuan. AKHIRNYA ketika usia Eizlan Yusof melewati 36 tahun, dia mengambil keputusan menamatkan zaman bujangnya dengan gadis Sabah yang khabarnya baru berusia 21 tahun. Selepas Zubir teropong, gadis bertuah yang bakal bertakhta di hati Eizlan itu, namanya V Shanty yang kini bertugas di sebuah firma seni bina terkenal di Kuala Lumpur.

V Shanty adalah gadis kacukan Melayu-Pakistan, muka meletup beb! Zubir dengar cerita lagi, Eizlan dan Shanty bakal disatukan di Sabah pada 7 Julai depan iaitu selepas enam bulan mereka berkenalan secara serius dan bercinta sakan. Khabarnya lagi, Eizlan mula melamar Shanty pada 7 Januari lalu.

Status bukan penghalang baginya untuk menyunting V.Shanty.

Status ‘janda’ pada wanita yang bakal menjadi isterinya bukan menjadi isu untuk Eizlan.

“Saya tidak faham mengapa sesetengah pihak seringkali menggembar-gemburkan hal ini. Sudah semestinya saya mengetahui status dia ketika kami berkenalan.

“Saya menerima dia dengan seadanya,” tegas Eizlan mengenai isu yang menjadi perbualan hangat pihak media.

“Saya tidak mahu mengulas lanjut mengenai hal ini. Apa yang sudah berlaku, baik dibiarkan sahaja,” ujarnya lagi.

Vie seorang yang baik serta pentingkan keluarga
Detik-detik pertemuan pasangan kekasih ini terjadi pada 7 Januari 2007. Itulah bibit manis perkenalan hero kacak tersebut jatuh cinta dengan wanita berkacukan Pakistan-Kadazan itu.

Tanggal penghujung bulan April 2007, Eizlan mengambil keputusan untuk melamar Vie sebagai isterinya.

“Saya merupakan seorang leleki yang mementingkan nilai-nilai kekeluargaan. Malah, jika saya ingin mendirikan rumahtangga, saya akan pastikan bahawa wanita pilihan saya mempunyai nilai tersebut,” ujar Eizlan mengenai pendirian mencari teman untuk membina mahligai cinta bersama.

“Vie memiliki segala-galanya. Dia merupakan seseorang yang meletakkan keluarganya sebagai kepentingan utama di dalam kehidupannya.

“Malah, dia merupakan seorang yang selalu merendah diri dan tidak pernah bersikap sombong dengan orang lain,” ujar Eizlan mengenai bakal isterinya yang berasal dari negeri di bawah bayu itu.

“Malah saya terkejut yang dia bertugas sebagai quantity surveyor dan tidak meletakkan karier sebagai kepentingannya pertamanya. Ternyata sangkaan saya salah sama sekali,” ujarnya lagi.

Status selebriti yang terpacar pada diri Eizlan turut tidak menjadi masalah untuk Vie menerima pelakon tersebut sebagai teman hidupnya.

“Dia tahu bahawa artis sentiasa akan berada di bawah pemerhatian ramai dan mereka tidak akan lari daripada gosip. Vie sudahpun menerima hakikatnya dan mampu menerimanya,” ujar Eizlan lagi.

“Komunikasi serta kepercayaan merupakan elemen utama dalam perhubungan kami. Kami saling mmepercayai di antara satu dengan yang lain. Itu semua kenyataan Eizlan kepada pihak media. Sekalung tahniah untuk Eizlan dari Nakaltitude crew. Semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat.


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Wrestlers Criticize Industry’s ‘Drug Scene’

Monday, July 09, 2007
Ore : 12:36 PM

Professional wrestlers Lance Storm and Charles “Konnan” Ashenoff have blasted the industry’s ‘drug scene’ in the wake of fellow sportsman Chris Benoit’s death.

Earlier this month it emerged World Wrestling Entertainment star Benoit was under investigation for buying large quantities of steroids before killing his wife Nancy and son Daniel on June 22 and 23 respectively, before hanging himself on 24 June at their Atlanta, Georgia home.

But both Storm and Ashenoff have called for tighter controls on drug-taking in the sport to prevent such a tragedy happening again.

Former World Wrestling Entertainment champion Storm says, “I think one thing is clear, regardless of the role drugs played in Chris Benoit’s state of mind, the wrestling industry has some serious drug issues… We have seen deaths in this industry due to drug overdoses, drug-related heart attacks, suicides due to possible drug-related depression and now perhaps even drug-related murder.”

Ashenoff adds, “All these guys are dying and nobody gives a s***. Everybody - from top to bottom - everybody’s either on steroids, painkillers, they drink or they take recreational drugs, and in the case of half the guys, all four.”

Source: www.melayucentral.com


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Filem Haru Biru

Ore : 12:34 PM

Sejak seminggu dua ini trailer filem haru Biru telah mula diputarkan di television. Aku rasa macam teruja untuk pergi menonton filem ini. Ada banyak kelainan yang cuba dipaparkan pengarah Shadan Hashim didalam file mini. Aku pun memang tertarik dengan isu ynag cuba dibawa oleh Adlin Aman Ramli selaku penulis skrip filem Haru Biru. Masih tak dapat banyak info pasal filem ini Cuma ada sedikit synopsis yang dapat dijadikan panduan sebelum menonton file mini. Aku percaya cara penyampaian bersahaja tanpa banyak ayat2 berbunga-bunga dan bakal mencetus kontrovesi merupakan daya penarik filem ini.

Synopsis Haru Biru.

Kisah 3 remaja bersahabat Kid, Ariyana dan Dani, persahabatan menjadi permusuhan bila cinta dan nafsu mula menguasai persahabat ini. Kdi mencintai Ariyana secara diam-diam tanpa di ketahui Dani. Semuanya terbongkar apabila Suzi bekas kekasih Kid muncul untuk meraih semual cinta Kid yang ditinggalkannya sebelum ini untuk mengikuti Big Daddy. Suzi cuba memisahkan Kid dan Ariaya agar Kdi dapat menyelamatkannya dari cengkaman Big Daddy. Akhirnya kid cuba menyelamatkan Suzi dan mereka diburu oleh Abang kecik orang kanan Bog Daddy.

Que Haidar : Kid

Dynas Mokhtar : Ariana

Ijoy : Dani

Betty Banafe : Suzi

Eman Manan : Abang Kecik

Adlin Aman Ramlie : Big Daddy

Norazmi Bahron : Jeni

Yus Waisar : Mike

Forum Rasmi Haru Biru


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